How To Check if a Man is Cheating On You

Let’s face it; we live in a world of instant gratification and greed. This is exemplified and highlighted in various ways in our society. This can also translate to love, affection, and attention. Though not every man (or woman, for that matter) is unfaithful, the current trajectory of our reality confirms it’s a pretty common occurrence in the lives of many. So if you are interested in finding out exactly how to check if a man is cheating, we’ve got the key methods right here. After all, it is better to know.

1. Pay Attention
This may sound silly and trivial, but your level of perception and intuition can be one of the most important elements of how to check if a man is cheating.

  • If he starts dressing or behaving differently, there is a chance it is for a specific reason- that reason may be tied to another person.
  • Take stock of his habits, his moods, what he does (and doesn’t do) for you, how he spends his time, how often he’s on his phone or computer- all of these things may be laced with indications of whether or not he is cheating.
  • A dramatic change in behavior is a clear sign that something may be going on.

2. Check His Clothes
Many women don’t think of this; they go straight for the electronic devices to search through texts and emails, while that’s also a good place to look, his garments will always hold little clues if he is cheating.

  • Look at the collars and front of his worn shirts for makeup or lipstick stains, many times those will transfer if he’s in direct physical contact with a woman.
  • Smell these items. As a woman, you know what another woman smells like; you also know what your man smells like and if that starts to change, be wary.

3. Talk To His Friends
This option is how to check if a man is cheating 101 because if you’re slick and sly enough, his friends will have no idea what you’re doing and the information you’re after. This works whether you happen to be mutual friends with some of his buddies or you rarely see them at all.

  • Check in with his friends, ask them about their significant others, jobs, when they’ve last heard from or talked to your man, etc.
  • You can ask them ideas on gifts for him, or let them know you just want to pick their brains. Many men are such bad liars that you may sense a shift in the conversation or their demeanor when you bring up your boyfriend or husband.
  • Most men don’t want to get in between a friend and his girl and this may feel a little too reminiscent of that for them. It also shows how little or much they know. While most won’t out their friend to you, what they DO tell you could be a huge red flag.



4. Show Up At His Job
The surprise pop-ups are a great tactic to find out what your man is really up to.

  • Many men who cheat tend to use the excuse of having to work to get out of spending time with you.
  • This tends to be believable because many people are workaholics and many jobs are very demanding.
  • If your man continues to work late consistently, show up at his job completely unannounced. This is also a good strategy to see who he’s cheating with; many men take up with women who are close in proximity, making the office is a prime stomping ground for such activities.

5. Snooping
Yes, there are some people who would say that it’s wrong to go through his personal phone or computer. But ultimately if it gets you out of a situation where you are being lied to and played, it’s worth it.

  • Make sure that you are as discreet as possible. If he’s smart, he’ll delete text messages; those are not traceable once they’re gone.
  • Check his deleted bin on his photos, some of those stay current for up to two months.
  • Check his contacts, if you see a name that you don’t recognize, whether male or female, jot it down. Sometimes men who are slick save their mistresses’ phone number under a common male name or a store like Home Depot.

6. Just Ask
Lastly, on the how to check if a man is cheating circuit, is the most obvious suggestion. Ask him.

  • Don’t be overly emotional or accusatory when you do so. Try to catch him off guard and don’t hint at it or lead up to it with a negative attitude or hurt feelings.
  • Depending on the state of your relationship, he may be honest with you.
  • You’ll also see his reaction if he isn’t cheating, which is one that isn’t hard to pinpoint and is usually very evident.
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How To Check if a Man is Cheating On You

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