How to Check if a Woman is Cheating on You

When a man cheats on a woman, it’s not news; but when a woman cheats on a man, it becomes a big issue. An unfaithful man is praised by his friends; an unfaithful woman is frowned upon by society. So if a girl is entertaining a third party into the relationship or is on her way there, she is likely to hide it in the best way that she can. Still, however hard she tries, there will still be some telltale signs.

Here are some of the signs that you might notice if you know the ways on how to check if your woman is cheating on you:

1. She does not enjoy as much physical contact as before.

Women, in general, like to snuggle and hug and they often do this with those they feel the most affection for. If your girl does not show much interest in being close to you, and her hugs and kisses are lukewarm at best, then she might have something — or someone — in her mind. She might also feel very awkward about public displays of affection.

You might also notice that she is not as passionate in the bedroom as before and does not willingly or spontaneously reciprocate your advances. If she shows no interest in intimacy, it could be that the spark inside her is not meant for you anymore.

Odd, though, because the opposite could also be an indication that something is up. If she suddenly becomes very affectionate — too affectionate, in fact — then she might be covering something up.

2. She gets upset at you for no apparent reason.

If your girl gets upset at every little thing you do, even the things she deliberately overlooked or found rather cute before, then it might be because she has her own inner struggles. Of course, pressure at work or her family could be causing her short temper, but her edginess could also be because she is trying to find blame on you. After all, if you are at fault, then she can justify her thoughts or decision to be unfaithful.

You may find her nagging more and even trying to pick a fight about little things. Her irritation could be because she is comparing you to someone else or because she no longer finds satisfaction in your company or both.

3. She is now very busy.

If your girl has a lot on her calendar and most of her activities do not include you, it might be because she wants to exercise her independence. This means being free to meet people, including men, and be with anyone she likes. She might make excuses for not inviting you along, and she may also start keeping a distance from your family and friends.

While she might not be totally transparent about her whereabouts and activities, she is likely to be very curious about where you are. If she is cheating, her curiosity may stem not out of concern for you but more for herself.

4. She is more secretive.

Women generally like to give their man a blow by blow account on what happened to them during the day. If your girl suddenly does not want to talk about what she did, where she went, and who she was with, or her story has huge gaps, then there are some things that she does not want you to know.

She might also become very protective of her cellphone and her computer and hesitates if you want to borrow them. She clears her search history, changes her passwords, and so on. She also gets out of the room if she has to take a phone call.

5. She is more concerned about her appearance.

A woman who suddenly becomes concerned about how she looks and smells is likely doing it to get a man’s attention and praise. If she is not trying to get it from you, then she could be doing it to please someone else — it could be a man she has already found or one she intends to find.

If she pays more attention to her wardrobe, hair and makeup than usual, especially when she’s going out without you, then you may have a reason to worry.

7. There are changes in her language and behavior.

If your woman is attracted to someone else and she spends time with him, she might exhibit language and behavior that you have not seen or heard before. She might suddenly become interested in a subject she used to find boring or she may now think that flirting or cheating is normal. She might even avoid TV shows or films that tackle infidelity. You might also find her rather dreamy at times.

Moreover, she might become very suspicious of you, perhaps because she herself has something to hide and is afraid of you knowing something.

8. She does not see the future with you.

If your woman seems to be less certain about your future together, whether it’s two months down the line or for the rest of your lives, then she might not be certain about your present together either. Her reluctance to make a commitment is probably because she is unsure if being with you is what she really wants.

If you find that your woman is investing less and less time and effort into your relationship, then it might be time to talk. There could, of course, be other valid reasons for her changed behavior and it may not necessarily be because she is cheating. Still, these behaviors are being triggered by something, e.g., she might have started feeling unhappy and dissatisfied in your relationship, and she might be contemplating on bailing out.

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How to Check if a Woman is Cheating on You

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